An InventoryPOItem represents an item in an InventoryPO.


IdintThe ID of the inventory PO item.
InventoryPOIdintThe ID of the inventory PO that the item belongs to.
InventoryPO (via $expand)InventoryPOThe inventory PO that the item belongs to.
ProductVariantIdintThe ID of the item's product variant.
ProductVariantProductVariantThe item's product variant.
ShelfBinstringThe shelf/bin where the item is stored in the warehouse.
OrderedintThe quantity that was ordered from the source location.
ReceivedintThe quantity that has been received by the warehouse location.
OnHoldintThe quantity at the warehouse location that is on hold and unavailable for ordering.
ReservedintThe quantity at the warehouse location that has been reserved for submitted orders.
ReleasedintThe quantity that has been released from the warehouse location to the end customer.
AvailableintThe quantity at the warehouse location that is available for ordering.
InventoryTransactions (via $expand)InventoryTransaction arrayThe collection of inventory transactions for the item.
InventoryPOItemFulfillments (via $expand)InventoryPOItemFulfillment arrayThe collection of inventory PO item fulfillment steps for the item.

Deprecated properties

The following properties have been deprecated and scheduled for removal. Avoid using these properties. See the Description column for updated usage notes.

ItemCostdecimal(18,2)The cost for the first vendor location that supplies inventory for the item, in USD.

Deprecated 3/30/2023. Will be removed 10/1/2023. Cost may now be captured for each fulfillment step of each PO item. Use InventoryPOItemFulfillment.BaseCost instead.