A SKUOption represents an option that helps define a ProductVariant.


SKU options vs. configuration options: What's the difference?

SKU options are distinct from configuration options in that each variant (SKU) of a product has fixed SKU option values. Conversely, any configuration option value may be applied to any SKU of a product.


IdintThe ID of the SKU option.
AccountIdintThe ID of the Liftoff account that the product belongs to. (Note: This account ID will always correspond to the account code you use in your authentication credentials.)
Account (via $expand)AccountThe Liftoff account that the SKU option belongs to.
ProductIdintThe ID of the product that the SKU option belongs to.
Product (via $expand)ProductThe product that the SKU option belongs to.
NamestringThe name of the SKU option; e.g., Size or Color.
SequenceintThe display sequence of this SKU option relative to other SKU options for the product.
SKUOptionValues (via $expand)SKUOptionValue arrayThe collection of values for the SKU option; e.g., Small, Medium, and Large.