An Order represents an order for your Liftoff account.


IdintThe ID of the order. If you have configured custom order numbers for your Liftoff account, the Id value will be distinct from the OrderNumber.
AccountIdintThe ID of the Liftoff account that the order belongs to. (Note: This account ID will always correspond to the account code you use in your authentication credentials.)
Account (via $expand)AccountThe Liftoff account that the order belongs to.
CustomerIdintThe ID of the customer who placed the order.
Customer (via $expand)CustomerThe customer who placed the order.
CreateDatedatetimeoffsetThe date/time the order was begun.
LastModifiedDatedatetimeoffsetThe date/time the order was most recently modified.
SubmissionDatedatetimeoffsetThe date/time the order was submitted.
InProcessDatedatetimeoffsetThe date/time the order was placed in process. Will differ from SubmissionDate only for orders that require post-submission approval before being placed in process.
StatusDatedatetimeoffsetThe date/time the order's current Status was set.
StatusOrderStatusThe status of the order. Valid values are CustomerDraft, Saved, Pending, Declined, InProcess, PartiallyShipped, Shipped, Canceled, and Deleted.
OrderNumberstringThe order number of the order that is displayed in My Liftoff and on your Liftoff account's site.
CartTotaldecimal(18,2)The total of all items in the order, in USD. Does not include shipping, taxes, or discounts.
ShippingTotaldecimal(18,2)The total shipping and handling price for the order, in USD.
TaxTotaldecimal(18,2)The total taxes for the order, in USD.
DiscountTotaldecimal(18,2)The total discount amount for the order, in USD.
OrderTotaldecimal(18,2)The total order amount, in USD. Includes all items, shipping, taxes, and discounts.
DisplayNamestringThe customer-assigned display name of the cart. Typically only used for saved orders.
DiscountIdintThe ID of the discount applied to the order.
Discount (via $expand)DiscountThe discount applied to the order.
DiscountCodestringThe discount code applied to the order.
DiscountDescriptionstringThe description of the discount applied to the order.
BillingAddressThe billing address for the order.
Items (via $expand)Item arrayThe collection of items in the order.
OrderFields (via $expand)OrderField arrayThe collection of order field values for the order.
Shipments (via $expand)Shipment arrayThe collection of shipments for the order.
BudgetTransactions (via $expand)BudgetTransaction arrayThe collection of budget transactions applied to the order.
PaymentTransactions (via $expand)PaymentTransaction arrayThe collection of payment transactions issued for the order.