A Shipment represents an individual shipment for a Liftoff Order.

Liftoff orders may have multiple shipments.


IdintThe ID of the shipment.
OrderIdintThe ID of the order that the shipment belongs to.
Order (via $expand)OrderThe order that the shipment belongs to.
ShipmentNumberintThe number of the shipment. Together with an OrderId, the ShipmentNumber identifies an individual shipment.
ShippingPricedecimal(18,2)The shipping price of the shipment, in USD.
HandlingPricedecimal(18,2)The handling price of the shipment, in USD.
StatusShipmentStatusThe status of the shipment. Valid values are Pending, InProduction, ReadyToShip, Shipped, AutoFulfilled, and Canceled.
EstimatedShipDatedateThe date the shipment is expected to leave the origin.
ActualShipDatedateThe date the shipment left the origin.
TrackingNumberstringThe tracking number of the shipment.
Weightdecimal(18,4)The weight of the shipment.
ShippingOptionShippingOptionThe shipping option for the shipment.
OriginAddressThe origin address for the shipment.
DestinationAddressShipThe destination address for the shipment.
ShipmentItems (via $expand)ShipmentItem arrayThe collection of shipment items in this shipment.